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Vision Statement

The Vision Statement represents the common goal of the employees and management of ECL. The Corporate Values are the basis for our conduct and are essential to achieve our vision. Our Quality Policy is the building block upon which our future lies. Our statement is:

"We will strive to be the supplier of choice for consumers of sintered contacts, contact assemblies, and laminated contact tapes and buttons in the global marketplace to ensure our future."

The values we hold and how we conduct our business are essential to attaining our vision. Only those individuals who strive to work by these values will be successful at ECL.

Corporate Values

QUALITY - we must meet our customer's needs, both internal and external customers, error free on the first attempt; we must continuously improve our operations and our products

BENCHMARKING - we must know our competitors and provide better products and services

TEAMWORK - we must utilize our combined know how to make better decisions and solve problems

PEOPLE - we must attain and retain the best; we must train the best; we must motivate and care for our strongest asset, our people

INNOVATION - we must innovate to meet customer's needs and, when we innovate, it must be in a timely manner

TECHNOLOGY - we must recognize improvements in technology and make investments in technology for the mutual benefit of our customers and ourselves

SENSITIVITY - we survive only because we have customers who pay for our goods and services; customers hold the key to our future and therefore they must be treated appropriately

Quality Policy

"It is the policy of Electrical Contacts Limited to supply the highest quality products, services and support to our customers in their respective markets. We will work to continuously improve our products and processes so that we meet the complete needs and expectations of our internal and external customers in all activities. To achieve these goals, we require the dedicated efforts of all employees. "


1970: The company was incorporated and operations began in Hanover, Ontario.
1975: Ownership was consolidated into the Allen family.
1981: Second manufacturing operation in Hanover was constructed to undertake wrought contact manufacturing processes.
1983: Hot bonding clad metals line added to production program.
1993: Peter Allen forms Steering Committee to assist in operations and the first formal Strategic Plan is developed.
1997: ISO9002:94 registration by QMI complete
1999: Sales volumes eclipse the $1,000,000 per month level.
2003: ISO9001:2000 registration by QMI complete

Facts and Figures

22.8% Year over Year Growth

9+ Exporting Countries

$13 million + turnover/year

155+ Employed