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We're proud to have cultivated a long history and lasting legacy of quality and reliability.

Contact Assemblies

The various assembly processes we employ allow for brazed assemblies in a wide variety of configurations. Understanding and controlling the parameters of discrete contact manufacturing allows for cost-efficient assembly and easy integration of components into our client's final product.


All of our hot bonded overlays in bimetal and trimetal configurations are proudly produced in-house. From our own semi-finished laminate materials, contact tapes are formed by slitting and a continuous series of roll forming.


Our semi-finished laminates are arranged in bimetal and trimetal configurations and precision manufactured internally. From these laminates, buttons are stamped in progressive dies with multiple coining and piercing punches.

Discrete Contacts

Predominantly sintered materials are produced, including silver nickel and silver metal oxides. In addition, silver refractory and copper refractory materials are manufactured through the infiltration process to ensure product consistency and excellent physical properties.

We go above and beyond
We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to meet their needs.

Electrical Contacts, Ltd. is a manufacturer of discrete electrical contacts and contact assemblies for global sale. With customers in Asia as well as Central and North America, we distinguish ourselves based on the quality of our product and stellar technical support.