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Discrete Contacts
We produce both sintered and wrought discrete contacts in a wide range of shapes and forms.

Sintered discrete contacts are available in a variety of materials and compositions. ECL combines refractory metals like tungsten, tungsten carbide, and molybdenum with silver or copper to produce the most rugged of power engineering materials. ECL also produces silver carbon and silver nickel materials through a similar unit compaction powder metallurgy process.

Wrought discrete contacts can be produced in a wide range of shapes and forms. Silver cadmium oxides, silver tin oxides, silver nickels, and other materials with high silver contents are processed through various metal working techniques to conform to customer specifications.

Throughout all steps of processing, density and material microstructures are regularly monitored to ensure products shipped meet all specified criteria.

For more information on our contact tape/button contact/discrete contact offerings, get in touch with an ECL representative today.