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Our History

Over 50 years of
electrical contact innovation.


Electrical Contacts Limited is founded by George Allen in Hanover, Ontario as a manufacturer of sintered electrical contact materials.


The original plant is expanded by approximately 1/3 as business volumes grow.

1978 - 1982

Contact rivets are introduced as a product line offering.


A second manufacturing facility is opened in Hanover to expand the support capabilities needed for contact production. Tool & die makers, electricians and millwrighting begins with apprenticeship programs to support future growth.


ECL develops a proprietary hot bonding process to produce precious metal laminates & contact buttons


ECL develops the ability to form contact tapes from the overlay laminates it is bonding in Hanover.


ECL focuses attention on the residential circuit breaker markets in the NAFTA zone as competitors consolidate.


George Allen moves to retirement. Peter Allen assumes presidency.


A shareholding reorganization expands the ownership group and introduces ownership to key employees.


ECL becomes ISO certified, a certification we take pride in and maintain to this day

2000 - 2010

Market share grows in the residential circuit breaker market.


George Allen passes away in September.


Ownership consolidates to Peter Allen and key employees.


The sales presence is expanded in Mexico to address local customers and grow opportunities.

2014 - 2018

Investments in technology for powder rheometry, metrology, metallurgical mount preparation, and simulation are undertaken. Expansion of the high temperature furnace room is undertaken to support increasing volumes of sintered contacts.


ECL's Leadership Team is formed with an emphasis placed on development of culture, productivity, market leadership and innovation.

2016 - 2019

Rotary pressing capabilities are deployed to manage the increasing volumes of sintered contacts.


Sodick EDMs are acquired to upgrade tool making capability.


ECL's electrical power infrastructure is upgraded to allow for expansion and to build reliability into the infrastructure. ECL also celebrates its 50th anniversary as a premiere supplier of electrical contacts.

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