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Clad Metals
Clad metal products fall into two main categories at ECL: Button Contacts and Contact Tapes.

Button Contacts

Button contacts are produced from clad overlay strips in two distinct processes.

The "coin & blank" process relies on progressive dies to first coin the contact's top and bottom surfaces, and then blank or pierce the button contacts from the clad overlay. A wide range of diameters and sizes can be processed with the use of progressive dies.

The "blank & coin" method relies on two stage processing to provide the finished contact. Contact blanks are produced with multi-punch dies and then coined to the final part dimensions. This processing provides some unique features to a contact that can assist in the economic processing by our customers.


Contact Tapes

Form rolled contact tapes are produced from bimetal or trimetal clad overlays produced through our unique hot bonding process. The overlay contact strip is first slit and then form rolled. A complete processing line ensures the material is formed to its dimensions, free of burrs, tension leveled, ultrasonically cleaned, and then coiled to our customer's specifications. Traverse wound and single width spooling are available.

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